Gender neutral paint schemes for a baby's nursery

8 June 2016
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New parents-to-be often like to spend some time in the nursery, planning out of the furnishings and making sure everything is just perfect for their new arrival. If you are not planning on finding out what gender your baby is before they are born, or simply want a gender neutral colour scheme, here are a new options for wall colours that reach beyond the standard pinks and blues of most nurseries. 


While white may seem like a safe and boring option for wall colour, it's actually a great option for nurseries. It's very fresh and clean looking and is a great backdrop for more colourful wall decals and furnishings such as toys and colourful rugs that you'll collect once the baby is here. Think of a white room as a blank slate that you can start to fill in as you get to know your baby's personality. 


Bright and sunny yellow walls are another popular choice for baby's rooms. They can be decorated with any number of other colours to accent the yellow and the colour tends to be thought of warm, welcoming and friendly. Most people opt for a pastel yellow as the colour can be a little bright for a bedroom in it's primary shades, but you can always add in accents with brighter yellow furnishings and bedding. 


Green is a calming and cool colour that many people love for bedrooms. It comes in a range of cool and warmer shades, going from pastels greens through the olive shades. Green is great for a room that is decorated in an animal theme and also suits jungle and plants themes. Again it's very flexible and goes with a number of other shades for decorating (providing you don't opt for a bright neon shade!).

Beige and neutrals

Beige, or other neutral tones, can be a very calming and flexible to decorate. These tones can often go well with the decor in the rest of the home and provide a warm and inviting place for baby to rest and grow. If you are looking to add some extra interest, these colours also often look great with some metallic accents. 

If you are looking to paint the walls of your new nursery it can be a great idea to get a professional painter. They can get a fantastic finish that will look great and last for the first few years of your baby's life.