Tips For Painting Your Baseboards

11 August 2016
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When you are planning on painting the interior of your home, you also need to paint the baseboards. It is important to keep a few things in mind when you do this, especially if you are new to interior painting. Here are some tips to follow when painting the baseboards.

Clean the Baseboards

Like your walls and other areas of your home, the baseboards need to be cleaned before painting. With baseboards, they might look clean from a distance, but probably have just as much dirt, grease, and buildup as your walls. Make sure you take some soap and water and gently wash the baseboards to remove all grime and debris. If you don't, you will notice all the spots and streaks when painting them. Be sure you use mild soap and that it is rinsed clean. Let the baseboards dry before continuing.

Choose the Right Paint

It is also important that you go with the right paint for the baseboards. While you can use the same paint and finish as your walls, many people choose to paint them a little differently. It is common to use a flat and satin paint for the walls, but this isn't always the best option with baseboards. Instead, consider using a semi-gloss paint in a bright white colour, using latex for the baseboards. Also get your primer in the same color and sheen, which is going to be used before the paint itself. With baseboards, the brand of paint really doesn't matter, so don't worry too much about what brand you buy.

Don't Cut In

Cutting in is often done when you are painting walls in your home, but for the baseboards, it is rarely necessary. This is a complicated process that can be skipped entirely simply by taping around the baseboards properly. If the baseboards are being painted along with the walls and will be the same colour, the only thing you need to tape off is the flooring. Otherwise, tape the top near the wall and the flooring.

Let the Coats Dry Before Painting Another One

In many ways, your baseboards are painted in the same manner as your walls. One way they are the same is in the importance of waiting for each coat to dry. You might need more than one coat of paint for the baseboards, but you should always wait for the first coat to dry before painting the next one.