Understand the Various Types of Commercial Wall Coverings

29 May 2017
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Commercial wall coverings are designed specifically for use in places like apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, and many other public centres. They are meant to meet or surpass the minimum performance and physical characteristics of specific laws and guidelines to offer a better appearance and safety as well. The laws and guidelines, in this case, focus on tear strength, flammability to avoid outbreaks of fire in commercial centres, abrasion resistance, scrubability, and stain strength. Check out the various types of commercial wall coverings that could be used in your public office or any other commercial property:

Vinyl Coated Wall Paper

This type of wall covering has a substrate component material on which its decorative surface has been coated or sprayed onto. The coat or spray used in this case is acrylic vinyl or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Fabric Backed Vinyl Wall Paper

This wallpaper has a woven substrate fabric material or may also use non-woven synthetic fabric. The substrate in both cases is well laminated to a solid vinyl decorative surface. Other categories of this wallpaper type may include:

Type I (Light Duty): This wall covering is best used in hotel rooms, hospital patient rooms, and office areas.

Type II (Medium Duty: This is best applied in lounges, classrooms, corridors, and foyers.

Paper Backed Solid/Vinyl Sheet Vinyl Wall Paper

Paper Backed Solid wallpaper has a paper pulp substrate material that is laminated to a solid decorative surface. It is durable due to the solid sheet of vinyl decorative surface used and is classified as peelable and scrubbable.

Natural Textile Wallpaper

This type is usually laminated to a backing to prevent adhesives from coming through to the surface and enhance dimensional stability. The backing can either be paper or acrylic material. Manufacture of textile is generated from natural fibers and is done in a variety of width. It can be made coarse in texture or finely designed depending on the desired outcome.

Acoustical Wallpaper

These types are designed for use on panels, operable walls, vertical surfaces, and places where sound reduction is a major factor such as offices, meeting rooms, auditoriums, theaters, restaurant, elevator lobbies, and corridors. The products are predominantly made of olefin fibers and man-made polyester. They are also tested for a certain rating of special sound absorption known as a Noise Reduction Coefficient rating (NCR). The rating has the ability to indicate the amount of sound absorbed through the wall. The higher the rating the higher the ability of noise absorption.

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