Two Common Complications When Laying Epoxy Flooring In The Garage

29 August 2017
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Epoxy floors are the perfect finish for every garage floor. They are bright, look professional, and are incredibly resistant to all sorts of chemicals which land on the floor. However, epoxy flooring needs to be perfectly applied for it to look as amazing as it should. You are a first-time homeowner who wants to make your ugly stained garage floor looks new, but you don't have any experience in working with epoxy. Therefore, it is important you are aware of two common complications which may occur when using this product. 


Concrete flooring needs to be completely dry before epoxy is applied. There can be issues with concrete slabs installed lower than the natural water table on the property. The moisture in the water table can put pressure on the sides of the slab as well as pooling under the concrete floor. Excess moisture absorbed by the concrete leads to moisture spots appearing on the floor.

Moisture within a concrete slab with an epoxy top has a bubble problem as the moisture tries to evaporate but gets trapped by the epoxy top. If you see moisture spots in your concrete floor, you must buy a moisture test kit from your local hardware store before you buy the epoxy. This test will determine whether your garage floor is a good candidate for an epoxy finish.


Unlike painting a garage floor, an epoxy finish requires careful preparation of the floor for a flawless finish. Firstly, the floor needs cleaning of all contaminants such as oil or grease. If there are any trace of these contaminants on the floor when the epoxy is applied, then the epoxy won't stick to the concrete and will peel away. A degreaser floor cleaner is available to buy at your hardware or automotive store.

Secondly, epoxy does not stick to a smooth, flat surface. After cleaning the floor, you must grind, or acid etch, the concrete to create a rough surface. Acid etching involves spraying diluted acid onto the concrete floor to open up its pores. Acid etching is a time-consuming task and one which involves the use of strong chemicals. Grinding a garage floor requires the hiring of a grinding machine which is a rotating disc that removes a small layer of the floor, and it is a dusty and noisy job.

The best way to make sure your epoxy floor is done right the first time is to hire a professional who has the equipment and experience needed to do this job for you.