Three Paint Primer Tips To Help You Paint Like The Professionals

9 November 2017
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At this time of year, those people who want to be in a new home before Christmas are actively hunting for their next residential property. Since your house has been on the market for a little while without moving, it is time to assess what about the dwelling is putting off potential buyers. One point that home sellers often overlook is how a simple coat of paint can freshen up the property and make it more appealing to others. Before you rush down to the local hardware store to buy some interior paint, consider how to make the paint look really vibrant and perfect. These are the three professional tips you need to know about using a primer before you apply paint.

Tip 1 - Always Use Primer

It does not matter whether you are painting a brand new drywall or a wall covering which has been standing for years, you must always apply a primer coat before your paint of choice. Not only does primer seal any existing stains, so they don't bleed through onto your paint, but it also gives the wall a solid base for the paint to adhere too. This will stop peeling issues in the future.

Tip 2 - Choose The Right Primer

Your local home hardware store can help you choose the right primer for the job. However, knowing a little about the type of paint you will be using will help make this decision easier. This is because you can use both oil and latex-based paints on top of an oil-based primer. But the same does not work in reverse. If you plan to use a latex-based paint, you can only use a latex-based primer. An oil-based paint will slide off a latex-based primer.

Tip 3 - Tint The Primer

A tinted primer makes all the difference between achieving a professional look, and this is particularly true if you are painting dark coloured walls. A tinted primer is achieved by taking a small amount of the colour you are using to paint the wall (approximately half a paper cup worth) and combining it with the primer. By tinting the primer in advance, you lessen the number of paint coats you need to cover up the old paint job.

Feel free to ask an interior painting professional or your local hardware store for more advice about how best to use primer during your task. By giving the inside of your home a coat of paint, you enhance your chance of it selling.