Is Your Commercial Property In Dire Need Of Repainting?

30 August 2018
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First impressions always count. Although this is usually associated with face-to-face encounters, it is also relevant for your business. So if your commercial property is looking worse for wear, chances are potential clients will form a misguided opinion about your company before they have even gotten a chance to have a chat with you. Fortunately, the most accessible way of giving your business premises a facelift is through a paint job.

But what some people forget is that painting your property is not a one-time task. You will have to repaint the exterior on a periodic basis if it is to remain appealing. So how do you know if it is time to repaint? Here are tell-tale signs that your property is in dire need of commercial repainting.

Mould and mildew

A familiar misconception people have about their properties (both commercial and residential) is that signs of mould will only be visible indoors. While mould does stand out when it develops in your interiors, it is also likely to develop at the exterior. To check for this, inspect the exterior walls for changes in colour. If you notice any green or black spots on the walls, it is likely that mould and mildew are steadily spreading on the walls.

Moreover, you may also notice unexplainable fuzzy growths on the walls, which are typically attributed to mould spores. Mould usually manifests when there is excessive moisture in your building supplies. Thus, not only is it essential to get rid of the mould, but you also need to establish if your structure is at risk of irremediable damage. Commercial painters can advise you on how to mitigate the risk of excessive moisture through waterproofing and repainting your property to restore its appeal.

Ineffective cleaning

To avoid annual repainting of your commercial premises, you may enlist cleaning services to get rid of the grime that collects on your exterior walls. Power washing is one such measure and has proven advantageous to commercial properties, as it can be employed on an array of surfaces ranging from walls to parking lots. However, you need to determine if power washing is still doing its job or if your walls are not receiving a thorough cleaning. If you notice that the discolouration is not being eliminated through power washing, it is a clear indication that the paint itself has absorbed the dirt and needs to be freshened up with new coats.