Top 4 Qualities That Set Apart Excellent Painters From Good Painters

10 September 2020
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What should you consider when hiring painters? For most property owners, this stops at factors such as credentials and experience. And while these factors should be at the top of your list, you certainly need to do more homework. Skilled and experienced painters are good and will get the job done right, but what makes exceptional painting contractors? Here are a few things that set apart and define exceptional painting contractors.

1. Great Communication

Painters that carefully listen and understand your needs will almost always deliver what you want out of the project. Such will always be ready to answer any questions you may have and consult with you throughout the project to avoid surprises at the end. Great painters will also always seek to add value to your project with suggestions for the best painting products and methods. The same goes for any such tasks that would make your painting job stand out and last longer, such as cleaning the painted surfaces and what to avoid.

2. Versatility

Business starts and ends with just painting for some painting contractors. Such painters will only do some light surface preparation, such as cleaning the surfaces and filling in small cracks with sealant. But what about the bigger cracks? Or holes in your walls? Fixing such requires more skills, and versatile painting contractors can do just that. This means you don't have to worry about the inconvenience of hiring someone else to take care of these repairs.

3. Painter's Speed

Mastery of the trade, which translates to speed, comes with time, and it's something you can expect from seasoned painters. The most important thing is the guarantee that faster completion times will not translate to lower work quality. The truth is that the presence of painters, and especially in your home, can feel invasive, and the sooner they can finish up, the better. You can also look forward to no delays when working with painting contractors with a big team, compared to where there is only one or two working at a time.

4. Cleaning Up

A good painting job will give your property a facelift like none other, but waste such as used paint buckets, sanding paper, scrapers, and other supplies can be quite unsightly. Exceptional painters will strive to leave your site as clean as can be, to the point that it would be difficult to tell they were ever there. Some painting contractors will bring in professional cleaners for this part.

You want to work with the best that there is out there. Start comparing various local painters to learn more.